Strafe Launch Trailer Bleeds Retro Charm

retro kitsch is in vogue right now. Juiced up re-imaginings of eras that only existed in our rose-tinted memories, made real by the wonders of new technology. Creating something that panders to our memories is a license to print money. So where does Strafe fit? If the launch trailer is anything to go by, the Pixel Titans’ Kickstarter success is all about the Xtreme-ness of 90’s shooters.

True to form, Strafe evokes the tonality of Quake, Doom, and perhaps a little Diakatana. Everything is immersed in deep grunge aesthetic, with a more-brown-than-not colour palette. Action where the bullets come thick and fast, with death only a seconds hesitation away. Devolver Digital have a talent for finding games that are at the very least interesting. Hopefully, Strafe won’t fail to disappoint when it comes out 9th May, on PC and PS4.