Fight for the Emperor with Real Life Dawn of War 3 Power Fist

Seven years after the last game in the series, Dawn of War 3 has finally been released. That means it’s time to celebrate by hulking out like a Space Marine  – with actual working power fists.

UK based design studio, REWIND, have designed a 3000 PSI gauntlet that brings us one step closer to full power armor. It weighs a mighty 22lbs, requiring a special rig to mount the fist to your body. Harnessing it’s mighty power would allow you to, allegedly, smash a hole in a brick wall. Exactly what’s needed to bring order to today’s chaotic world.

As we take one step forward into the future you unfortunately won’t be able to buy it in any store. This 3D printed monstrosity won’t be available to the general public. Probably due to fears over super-powered fist bumps. In lieu of a Warhammer lore friendly 1000 kg set of full Astartes power armor, incredible hand protection will need to do for now.

Keep your eye out for our Dawn of War 3 review coming soon.