How to Play the Original Tomb Raider On Your Web Browser

Have you ever been sat at your desk, bored of work and looking for something fun to distract you? And in that moment have you thought to yourself, “I’d love to be playing Tomb Raider right now, but I don’t have a Playstation nearby”?

If you have ever found yourself in that very specific situation, then I have some great news for you.

A member of a Tomb Raider forum, (the aptly named ‘TombRaider’) known as Xproger has built an open-source version of the original game for web browsers. The game is entirely free, requiring no downloads and even comes with support for Xbox 360 and Dualshock controllers. It also features a first-person view, that wasn’t present in the original, as well as a higher frame rate and smoother visuals. Having had a little tinker around with it for the purposes of this article, I can say it runs like a dream.

Sadly this does come with a catch, as this version of the game only features the first level. However, it does seem likely that Xproger will release more in the near future.

You can find it here.

Enjoy hunting for those relics!