NieR: Automata Guide: Unlock More Weapon Slots With Assault Pods

If you want to attack in different ways, NieR: Automata requires you to have extra weapon slots. If you are trying to figure out how you expand your weapon inventory with these additional Assault pods, we have a handy guide of their location. The more attack pods that you acquire, the more weapons you can install and swap out during combat giving you more fighting potential when out in the world.

A bonus for those who like achievements, if you find the additional attack pods you can unlock the Pod Hunter trophy. There are only two to find in the game but if you don’t know the correct place to look they can be easily missed. Don’t worry if you have missed them, you can always head back to the locations and pick them up.

How to unlock more weapon slots in NieR: Automata by finding the Attack Pods.

As mentioned, there are two different attack pods you can find in Automata. Here’s how you can acquire both.

Pod #1 – Desert 

If you head from the Desert: Center vendor and travel towards to the Desert: Camp in a north-west direction, look on the side of one of the dunes to find a pod submerged in the sand. It can be quite hard to spot but on the map, it’s the outer edge of the Desert: Center circle along the northwest edge.

Pod #2 – Flooded City

Head to the Flooded City: Coast area and follow it along the water’s edge until you are prompted to be able to fish. If you cast your line out a few times and feel it in, you’ll randomly get an Assault Pod instead of a fish.

After you have found each pod, in no particular order you should also gain the Pod Hunter trophy and makes a new weapon slow available for you to use in Combat.