NieR: Automata Guide: How to gain EXP Fast and Get to LV99

To even have a chance at defeating the biggest bosses in NieR: Automata, your android characters will need to level up and this is where we all remember the ‘grind’. Like any game this can be a slow and mind-numbing task and if you have finished the story, backtracking and working out how to get to max level in NeiR: Automata might be tough. It does take a bit of grinding like any good Japanese game but there are a few methods and tips we have which can make the process a little more palatable.

We are not looking at using exploits or glitches, this easier levelling up guide for NeiR: Automata showcases the best locations in the game to get maximum EXP output. If you are looking for faster XP gains, more levels and farm till your heart’s content then read our guide below on how to level up quickly in the android vs machine title below.

How to get to level 99 fast in NieR: Automata

To be the best prepared, head to Emil’s shop (Desert Zone) fist and purchaser the +3EXP Plugin-in Chips to get more EXP as your head through the zones.

XP Farming at Level 55+

You would have needed to complete the game once already for this, by the time you hit level 55 you should have been at this level but if not…come back when you have. As this is a levelling up method best aimed for end-game players, it is aimed at those who are looking to fight the secret level 99 bosses.

  1. Go to the Amusement Park (Playthrough 2 – 9S)
  2. Hack the large friendly robot wearing a top hat in the fountain square.
  3. Select “Remote Hack” after the successful hack
  4. Clear out all the smaller enemies.
  5. Hack the Golden Robot Statue at the centre of the fountain.
  6. Hacking this robot will gain you loads of extra EXP as you’ll gain XP for both hacking it and then destroying it.
  7. Lather and repeat this process by returning to the dave point, exiting and reloading.

Note: If you are lower than level 55, you will not be able to damage the statue so make sure you come back at the required level.

Side Missions – Any Level

NieR: Autamata also offers up a lot of different side missions which you can head into for extra EXP. There are a couple bland fetch quests but, there are some cool side stories which you can delve into as they not only give you more exp without the same grind, but help you farm for materials for upgrading/crafting.