Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How to Override Machines & Ride Mounts

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a big open-world and if you want to get around without having to trek across countless mountains, high places and machine infested areas, one choice is to fast travel but that is only limited to campfires you have previously found. One of your main ways to get around quickly is overriding a machine and using it as a mount.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has three different machine types which you can override and mount but require you to unlock them. Here’s how you can unlock additional mounts and use them for your travel leisure.

How to Mount a Machine

In the early game after a certain part of the main story, Aloy will gain the ability to control machines and make them friendly. To do this, you need to sneak up on a machine undetected and hit Triangle when prompted to start the override process. Overriding does take a few seconds, so keep your eye out for hostiles and once you have started or completed an Override there is a cooldown of about 5 seconds before you can use it again.

Not all machines can be use as mounts but if you turn them to your side, they will fight for you until the Override wears of, or they die.

Where to Unlock Mounts

Overriding machines is done in sets, there are four areas in the world called Cauldrons, underground bunkers where machines are made. If you are able to gain access to the Cauldron, fight your way to the end and hack into the machine network you will gain a new roster of machines you can overwrite in the field.

Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Machine Overrides

PSI Cauldron

  • Charger: Mountable
  • Strider: Mountable
  • Tallneck: Not Mountable
  • Watcher: Not Mountable
  • Redeye Watcher: Not Mountable
  • Broadhead: Mountable

Sigma Cauldron

  • Grazer: Not Mountable
  • Scrapper: Not Mountable
  • Lancehorn: Not Mountable
  • Sawtooth: Not Mountable

XI Cauldron

  • Glinthawk: Not Mountable
  • Fire Bellowback: Not Mountable
  • Freeze Bellowback: Not Mountable

RHO Cauldron

  • Longleg: Not Mountable
  • Trampler: Not Mountable
  • Shell-Walker: Not Mountable
  • Snapmaw: Not Mountable

Zeta Cauldron

  • Rockbreaker: Not Mountable
  • Thunderjaw: Not Mountable
  • Stormbird: Not Mountable

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