How to get unlimited Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn has a slightly different fast travel mechanic than other open world games.

Unlike other games, it is not as generous in how many times you can use it when compared to titles such as Skyrim, Far Cry etc.  Aloy carries items known Fast Travel Packs and in order to fast travel from one location to another, she must used one of these items. However, if you do want to have unlimited access to the fast travel mechanic, there is away in Zero Dawn that will let you travel anywhere as many times as you want with the Golden Fast Travel Pack.

Before we explain how to get the Golden Fast Travel pack and how to unlock unlimited fast travel, we will go over how fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn actually works.

How does fast travel work in Horizon Zero Dawn

Fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn is connected to campfires, the ones you have already visited while exploring.

You don’t actually have to save at a Campfire to unlock it or even interact with it, you only need to get close enough that the dialog pops up on screen that is has been discovered. Once you have done this, you will be able to fast travel to that location, but only if you have spare fast travel pack in Aloy’s inventory.

In the beginning of the game, you will be able to get these from various vendors, usually apart of the free sample boxes that you gain the first time you meet that particular vendor. You can also buy them, or if you are extra lucky loot them from a crate or of the corpse of thy enemies.

These Fast Travel Packs act as one use tickets to be able to use the system, meaning you will need to stock up on them if you plan to do a lot of quick travel across the world. As you progress in the game, there will be more chance you’ll want to instantly travel close to your destination instead of overriding an mountable machine and heading the old fashion way.

How to get the Golden Fast Travel Pack for Unlimited Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Golden Fast Travel Pack is your next stop to unlimited, uninterrupted, consistent fast travel around the world. This pack will allow you to travel as many times as you want without the need to stock up on the standard Fast Travel Packs.

You can get yourself one from a number of different traders around the world of Zero Dawn, we picked up ours from a merchant outside Meridian near the bridge leading up to the city. The cost of the Golden Ticket is pretty cheap considering what the benefit offers.

  • 50 Metal Shards – you can get these from practically anywhere; slaying machines, looting human corpses, searching crates or selling items.
  • 1 Fox Skin – as the name suggests but  you get this from killing a fox in the wild. The drop is random and not consistent so you’ll  need to head to usually an area of forest, but after a couple kills we were able to obtain one pretty easily.
  • 10 Fatty Meats – You can pick this up from any wild animal you kill that you can hunt. So look out for Boar, Turkeys, Foxes etc and kill any you come across. The drop again is random but pretty frequent.

Once you have the above items you require, head over to a general goods merchant that has the Golden Travel Ticket and look at the bottom of the “Resources” tab. It will be a purple (Very Rare) item.

So there you have it, that is what you need to know in terms of fast travelling around the world of Horizon Zero Dawn and how you can obtain an item which grants unlimited fast travel to make your adventure a little easier. If you are still picking up the mechinc in the game, also check out our  8 Essential Horizon Zero Dawn Tips and Tricks.