Overwatch’s New Hero is Called Orisa

The latest and 24th hero to be added to the Overwatch roster is the robot tank Orisa, whose weapon is the ‘Fusion Driver’ a projectile¬†machine gun.

In the Overwatch developer update video, Jeff Kaplan explains that her weapon has more range than pretty much any other tank hero in the game. Her backstory consists of her birth being created by an 11 year old genius who crafted Orisa from discarded robot parts in Numbani with her character overview detailing her as the “central anchor of her team”. Good news though, she is currently on the PTR, so if you want to try her out you can.

Her abilities and weapons consist of:

  • Weapon: Fusion Driver – (projectile based machine gun)
  • Protective Barrier: a protective barrier which shields her ¬†or her allies much like Zarya’s (half of the size of Winston’s bubble).
  • Fortify: an ability which reduces incoming damage and no crowd control abilities.
  • Halt: an mini-Graviton surge attack which pull enemies and slows them down.
  • Ultimate: ‘Super charger’ which damage boosts all allies within her line of sight. This can be destroyed by enemies.

Orisa seems like a great tank to be added into the mix and might reduce the reliance on Reinhardt which is currently popular in the meta.