New Hearthstone Expansion: Journey to Un’Goro

Looks like the leaks were true; Blizzard has just announced the brand new expansion to come to Hearthstone; Journey to Un’Goro.

Travel to the forbidding jungles of Un’Goro Crater, where primordial creatures from the dawn of time roam. Here, giant dinosaurs infused with raw magical power mercilessly hunt their prey, prehistoric fauna and flora abound, and unchained elementals run wild with primitive magic. Prepare your decks for the expedition of a lifetime!

It’s like Jurassic Park but with more things on fire. And Murlocs!

But what’s an expansion without the cards? The set will contain 135 new cards with new mechanics and game changes, with more being shown on March 17th and the entire thing being released at the start of April.

New cards, new quests and new decks to build!

Some highlights so far:

  • 5 mana Rare Shaman Spell; Volcano
  • New Mage Legendary; Pyros, a legendary with not 1 but 2 extra stages
  • A new tribe has been introduced; Elemental. Older cards such as Magma Rager and Ragnaros will also be receiving this new tribe text
  • The new keyword; Adapt, allows players to upgrade the minion played with 10 different possibilities. These include +3 attack, windfury, taunt and more
  • New Druid 5 mana common (with Adapt); Verdant Longneck
  • ANOTHER new keyword; Quest. By completing specific requirements during gameplay you will unlock powerful effects and cards to use such as…
  • THE FIRST EVER LEGENDARY SPELL, a Priest card with Quest, Awaken the Makers, and its reward if you complete this quest; Amara, Warden of Hope

Talk about being blown away. There is a lot of new information to digest here, but new mechanics and additions to any game are rarely a bad thing. The thing that catches my eye, aside from the legendary spell which is awesome, is the Adapt keyword. Choose effects require a lot of skill to use effectively in Hearthstone so it will be interesting to see where this takes the metagame. Make sure to keep an eye on for more details and check back in with VGU for breakdowns of the cards revealed.