Razer Power Bank Announced to Help on the go Gamers

Razer’s new power bank which is designed to work with the Razer Blade stealth, the most awarded laptop design, has been announced to give gamers some extra juice when on the go. Designed to charge the Razer Blade, the new power bank also works with most USB-C enabled laptops as well as USB-A mobile devices such as phones. The power banks hosts a whopping 12,800 mAh capacity battery, never let it be said Razer do things by half.

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The battery allows for up to 6 extra hours of life for the Razer Blade stealth and the new quick-charge technology charges devices up to four times faster than traditional chargers. CEO Min-Liang Tan said this about the new power bank:

“The Razer Power Bank enables true mobility for users who can now quickly and smartly charge their laptop, phone and tablet at the same time when an outlet isn’t an option.”

With similar aesthetics to the Razer Blade, and a small enough design to fit in most pockets, the power bank is a must have for all on-the-go technophiles. The power bank will be available some time in March.