3DMark, PCMark 8,VRMark and More in Latest ‘PC Lovers’ HumbleBundle

The latest Humble Bundle will make some PC lovers as the title suggests happy. If you like benchmarking your PC and keeping it in tip top shape, then for just £4.65 at the time of writing you can get a boat load of FutureMark software and more.

The list full list of software for the PC Lovers Humble Bundle includes:

  • 3DMark Advanced Edition
  • PCMark 8 Advanced Edition (pay £9.61 or more)
  • VRMark Advanced Edition (pay £9.61 or more)
  • AirParrot 2 (two-pack)
  • Backblaze Online Backup
  • DAEMON Tools Pro 8
  • Dashlane Premium
  • EaseUS Partition Master Pro 11.9
  • System Mechanic 16.5

We use 3DMark here at VGU for our graphical bench tests and have always enjoyed trying to nudge the numbers a little higher through overclocking or new trying out new hardware such as the Razer Blade 2016 laptop review we did recently. There are some other programs included such as DAEMON tools for ISO emulation and Backblaze Online Backup, for you guessed it…backing up your PC.

Considering this amount of software to buy is RRP at $333, if you ever thought about getting any one of them on the list, it is probably your best time to grab them for just £4.65 or £9.61 for all of them.

Head over to the PC Lovers Humble Bundle page on the Humble Bundle website and see if you think it is worth it.