Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Candy Crush Saga’s Cupid’s Challenge

King have announced this year’s Valentine’s Day ‘quest’ for players to try out in Candy Crush Saga for anyone above level 10 on iOS and Android.

The live op called ‘Cupid’s Challenge’ will run for two weekends February 10th to 15th and February 17th to 21st and will allows players to compete against each other for the very first time to win a range of different rewards.

The first qualifier will task players to help Dexter the Whale who is dressed up as Cupid collect 10 Striped Candies to win a Lollipop Hammer, by doing so players will be automatically entered into the second round and onto the leaderboard.

Once in the leaderboard round 30 players will face of head to head with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd players winning rewards from Colour Bombs to Unlimited Lives.

This is not the first time Candy Crush Saga has done a Valentine’s Day event, in 2015 players had to match 1000 red candies to be awarded a special price. In 2016 alone players swiped enough to make up 44.6km which is around 1,112 times around the Earth.

To get involved this Valentine’s Day make sure you head into the game and are at least level 10 on your Android or iOS device.