Gwent Trailer for the new Nilfgaard Faction is Epic

Gwent, the card game which first started in The Witcher 3 is a decent card game. I spend many, many hours traversing the lands in search for new merchants to beat down and win their best cards.

CD Projekt RED released Gwent: The Witcher Card Game as a standalone which has been in beta for sometime but today boasts a new faction – Nilfgaard of the southern empire.

The new trailer has a perfect soundtrack to get you in the mood to jump back into the Witcher universe and become master spies.

“Nilfgaard arrives and now the true game can begin”

Although the trailer makes Gwent seem like this epic open card game, it is a little bit more structured but still just as fun. It is full of great sound effects, beautifully drawn cards and animations which makes the game produce worthwhile battles.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game now has Nilfgaard available to play as a faction on PC and Xbox One. Don’t worry PS4 players a version of the game is coming your way, there is just no date yet.