Pokémon Sun & Moon TCG Midnight Openings at GAME UK

If any of you Pokémon fans didn’t know, the newest expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game will be out in the UK on February 3rd. As good of a piece of news as that is, the Pokémon company are doing a little something extra, alongside retailer GAME, for this new release. Participating outlets in Liverpool, Hinckley, Brentwood and Plymouth will be hosting midnight openings, with the added bonus of a special Pokémon TCG card featuring Pikachu being available for the first 250 fans through the door to each venue.


As well as the card, fans can also grab a giveaway code which contains a downloadable Bottle Cap. This will also be available at all stores’ point of purchase for owners of the Pokémon Sun and Moon video games. These items allow a player to increase a single stat of a Lv. 100 Pokémon as part of Hyper Training. Please note that a Wireless broadband internet access is required to access the Bottle Cap, and players will need to trade the item with Mr. Hyper, who can be found in-game. Make sure you do this if you are looking into playing Pokémon Sun and Moon competitively.

And finally, midnight opening attendees will additionally have the chance to purchase a unique Snorlax T-shirt, ensuring you can look the part as you pick up the new TCG set or take a step into the world of Pokémon battling. We loved Pokémon Sun and Moon and some of us at VGU are still playing it today. With good reason, Pokémon Sun and Moon are potentially the best Pokémon games ever made!

A budding fan of card games? With dozens of never-before-seen Pokémon, including the Legendary Solgaleo-GX and Lunala-GX, Alola forms of some familiar favorites, and new ways to battle with a powerful new kind of Pokémon called Pokémon-GX, this promises to be an exciting start to this all-new series of Pokémon TCG expansions and would be a great starting point for any new players. Make sure to get to Liverpool, Hinckley, Brentwood or Plymouth GAME on February 3rd if you can!