Horizon Zero Dawn’s Ending May Have Been Leaked

It seems everyone is excited for Horizon Zero Dawn; we definitely are at VGU. Its interesting concept of a world and interactions with an organic versus mechanic ecosystem looks to be a lot of fun. So, you can imagine how we felt when users on NeoGaf claimed to have found the ending of the game out.



According to the NeoGaf post:

“The story twist is that this is the second cycle in this world. The main character, Aloy, discovers by visiting the Ancient Ruins of civilization at the end of the game that the ‘humans’ you see walking around, including you, are simply bio-machines from the first cycle that used biomatter to replicate, like humans reproduce. Humanity has been gone EVEN LONGER than we, the players, think at first. The corruption is never fully explained, it’s just established that it’s from an unknown source within the ruins, but there’s a hint it might have more importance in a sequel. The ending has Aloy basically choose between wiping out the robots or the bio-machines, since the robots were initially programmed by the original humans to wipe out the living creatures the bio-machines that yearned to live like humans hundreds of thousands of years ago feed off.”

“Zero Dawn is the name of the software found in a huge building in the Ancient Ruins that can shut off the beings roaming the world or your own race.”

The post also included the source of the leak, Thai mock review, along with the following video which showcases a fair amount of the games mechanics.


This review also contained some more facts about the game in general which were as follows:

  • Game takes 20 hours to complete, around 45 hours to 100%, difficulty level Zero Dawn unlocked upon completion, makes every robot creature corrupted, with a few different AI moves and loot
  • No story DLC planned, but an arena mode will come in Q2-Q3 2017
  • You can override pretty much any creature in the game. The flying creature will actually let you fly around the map, which is pretty cool. It’s one of the last things you learn in the game
  • The world is huge. It’s Witcher 3’s Velen huge, with no oceans as a cheat to increase size. Desert, Tropical forest, hills, ancient ruins, snow mountains are the ‘biomes’. Feels like a very traditional RPG, which is surprising to see coming from Guerrilla

Wow, that is a lot to take in. But we’re still hyped to play┬áHorizon Zero Dawn when it comes out February 28th this year; are you? What do you think of these rumors and their source?