Razer’s New Three Monitor Blade Laptop is a Show Top Runner

Razer at CES have done something that little might have guessed was even possible, with their latest Project Valerie, a gaming laptop that extends out from one display into three at the press of a button.

Those with PCs will know that multi-monitor gaming is easy when you just need to add a couple of screens to your rig, be it a desktop or laptop. The latest project by Razer shown off at CES 2017 is a non-traditional approach which is just down right cool.

Project Valerie is a slightly thicker version of the Razer Blade Pro 2016, which is a step up from the recently reviewed Razer Blade 2016 model we looked at. The extra thickness is caused from adding two more 17.3-inch 4K IGZO monitors and they can be auto-magically deployed when the user wishes to move to three screens, aligning themselves up with the main screen in the centre.

The new laptop from Razer also includes Chroma lighting under the additional screens that come out, if you are one that loves a little bit more colour with your gaming this is a safe bet.

razer blade three screens

It is unsure if the Project Valerie will make its way to the consumer market, seen as the Razer Blade Pro starts at £3500+ it is unlikely if someone will be looking to spend a possible £4500+ for the three screen experience. It will also be interesting to see how they can cope with 12K gaming as the 1080 GTX can only just take 4K gaming.

Whether not not it does come to market, you have to admit…it did make you stop and think “Holy damn, I need one of those”.