Corsair Gear up for Generation 7 Intel Processors

Corsair are a solid name within the PC peripheral market, they rub shoulders with the likes on Intel pretty comfortably. So it’s no surprise that with the new Intel chipsets and 7th Generation processors coming out later this year, that Corsair are preparing themselves for another leap forward in PC technology.

A new range of DDR4 RAM, water coolers and Power Supplies will be hitting the shelves in time for the Intel chipsets, meaning you can build a beast of a PC with hardware you can count on.

The DDR4 RAM reaches clock speeds exceeding 4000MHz and come in kits of up to 64GB, that may seem overkill, but overkill is what PC gamers do best, and because it’s Corsair you know it won’t only run great, but it’ll look great.

The Corsair Hydro series are already the world’s best selling liquid coolers on the market, and the next generation look to do no less again. Plus the warranty is 5 years, and we like a long warranty.

A huge range of power supplies are also available whether you’re building a chilled I3 rig or a beastly I7, Corsair have something to give it the juice it needs.

For more details and release dates be sure to check out Corsair’s website, and let us know what upgrades you have planned for 2017 below.