How to Use Xbox 360/One Controller on the Steam Link

Steam Link now supports the use of the Microsoft Xbox controllers and a number of other third party products.

By updating the Steam Link the in-house streaming device now supports you to be able to use either a wired or a wireless Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller. If you have a Xbox One S controller, you will need to update it first by plugging it into your Xbox One or PC then you should be able to use it with the Steam Link.

We have tested it out and both controllers work well without any issues. Here’s how you can connect your Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller to the Steam Link.

Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Controller

  1. Boot up the Steam Link
  2. Make sure it is up to date
  3. Head into settings then into Bluetooth
  4. Hit the small connection button on your Xbox One Controller
  5. Look for “Xbox One Controller” in the list.
  6. Select it via a mouse/keyboard or even a wired controller.
  7. Wait for the controller to stop blinking.

Once the blinking has stopped you should be good to go and the Xbox Wireless Controller should be paired with the Steam Link.

Xbox One Wireless Controller

The older Xbox One wireless controller work well if connected directly but don’t work natively with the Steam Link.

There is a way to connect up the non-Bluetooth controller to the Steam Link wirelessly which you can find from this guide here on the Steam Forums.

Xbox One Wired Controller

If you have a wired controller, you should not have to do anything, just connect it to one of the USB ports on the Link and you are good to go.

If you have any issues with the USB connection, make sure your Steam Link firmware is at the most up to date version and try again.


Correction: We have listed the older Xbox One controller to work via Bluetooth which is incorrect. The guide has been updated to show you a potential way to get the older wireless Xbox One controller paired up with your Steam Link.