How to Get Artificial Magearna in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo are giving gamers a chance to get a new Pokemon through some special QR codes. The creature which is a level 50 Steel/Fairy type uses the ability Soul Heart to boost its SP and Atk every time a Pokemon faints. It can also use moves such as Flash Cannon, Flush Cannon and Helping Hand.

How to get Artificial Pokemon Magearna

Pokemon players can simply scan the QR Code for their region, which we have included at the end but will need to have beaten the Elite Four and become Alola Region Champion. After you do this and scan the QR code you just need to head to the Hau’oli City Mall’s Antique Shop and collect it.

The distribution event is part of the 20th year celebration of Pokemon and this is the last Pokemon of the festivities. So make sure you beat the Elite Four and catch Magearna before the event comes to a close.

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