Charmander Comes to Build-a-Bear Workshop

The toy company Build-a-Bear has added a new Pokemon to its lineup today with the launch of the make-your-own Charmander plush teddybear.  It joins an already filling roster of Pokemon with Pikachu and Eevee being the other Pokemon that are available.

The Charmander plush toy will set you back £44 and can be purchased on the Build-A-Bear website online with an exclusive set which comes with a Great Ball Hoodie, Lucario Hoodie and an exclusive TCG card. The unstuffed version of the toy will be available from December 8th for UK, US and Canada customers.


If you do head into store, it is worth noting that the sound chip and the Lucario hoodie are not sold in store, so if you wants those you’ll need to buy Charmander online.

It wasn’t mentioned what the Charmander sound chip plays, but we’re assuming it’s the creature’s famous “Charmander!” call.