Shuffle Cats Heads to Facebook Chat Instant Games Program

King have teamed up with Facebook to offer their latest and first multiplayer game Shuffle Cats to Facebook users over their Messenger app. Known as Facebook’s new Instant Games feature, King have created a smaller version of Shuffle Cats which can be instantly played on Messenger and the Facebook News Feed.

King is one of the biggest developers for Facebook, so it is no surprise they are one of the first to adopt the new technology and make their games more accessible to Facebook users. Like other Instant Games that have come out in the past such as basketball and football keepy-uppy, Shuffle Cats can be sent to friends to “challenge” them and it logs the scores of each player for a little bit of competitive play.

“We’re excited to be launching the Shuffle Cats Mini Game on Facebook’s new Instant Games feature, which will allow people to play games on Messenger and through the Facebook News Feed. As one of the first developers to partner with Facebook on Instant Games, it’s an exciting opportunity for us to develop a game for a new platform to engage both our fans and the huge, global audience that Facebook has Instant Games makes it easy for people to play anywhere and at any time. The Shuffle Cats Mini Game is fun, fast-paced and provides a truly social experience for our fans – it is ideal for when players have a few minutes’ spare and want to be entertained” -Carolin Krenzer, Studio General Manager,

Shuffle Cats is based on the traditional card game Rummy and is King’s first ever multiplayer game which allows players from around the world to play against each other in real time, earning Gems to progress across the Lucky Lane which is on the rooftops of London in the 1920s.

You can play Shuffle Cats today for free on Facebook Instant Games or on mobile devices by downloading it from the iOS App Store or Google Play.