King Team Up With Apple for World Aids Day

King have teamed up with Apple to support the App Store’s (RED) campaign to raise awareness and help fight for a Aids free generation.

They have launch two themed events which run from November 30th – December 6th for both Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Farm Heroes Saga which is exclusive to players on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

To help you with the new events, King have provided some quick tips.

Farm Heroes Saga (FIREWORKS) 12 level:

  • Firecrackers are spawnable objects, just like Cropsies, seeds and bombs. This tip will especially help you on level 10!
  • When the firecracker has been hit three times, it explodes and randomly interacts with four items on the board. These board items will behave as if matched, or if they cannot be matched, they will behave as if there was an adjacent match (i.e. Cropsies get collected, Grumpies destroyed, flower blooms, etc.). This will especially help you on levels 6 and 12!

Beat the bosses for the Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Jelly queen – The goal of the player is to spread Jelly on the entire board

  • Create special moves to stun the Boss
  • If you create three special Candies in a row, your next move will turn into a special strike
  • Try to create Striped Candy over your own Jelly as it helps with spreading Jelly

Cupcake carl – The goal of the player is to collect Pufflers before he does

  • Wherever possible allow him to make moves and partially uncover Pufflers for you (but try not to let him collect them)
  • It’s important to make fish by matching four Candies in a square because they prioritize Pufflers and will help you collect them
  • Try to split the board into sections of frosting so the Pufflers don’t have anywhere to run.

Liquorice Larry – The goal of the player is to bring down the Monklings before he does

  • It’s important to make fish by matching four Candies in a square because they prioritize at random the tiles under the players’ Monklings
  • When the player doesn’t have orange candies, he can steal blue candies from Liquorice Larry in order to prevent him from creating Monklings and win the level.

King will allow players to use the in-app purchases to donate to RED and all proceeds will go to the Global Fund to support HIV / Aids prevention, treatment, counselling and testing in sub-Saharan Africa.