How to Beat Aramusha and Get Easy EXP in Final Fantasy XV

Like many of you, we at VGU have got our hands on Final Fantasy XV and are looking to level up Noctis and the gang as quickly as possible. After a bit of exploring in the early stages of the game, however, we hit the jackpot; large amounts of exp and a late-game boss taken out! We’ve put together a simple guide which outlines how you can fight and beat Aramusha at level 52 to get loads of experience points (EXP), money and loot.

Here’s how to nab that EXP and defeat a level 52 boss in the process:

  1. Purchase an extra gun from the Hammerhead weapon shop
  2. Travel to Balouve Mine; you can reach this area just after you repair your car at the beginning of the game
  3. Head into the mine; be careful, there are level 7 enemies everywhere
  4. Reach the bottom floor and enter the room with the level 52 boss ‘Aramusha
  5. IMMEDIATELY run to the left and jump up onto the highest ledge you can and equip Noctis with your pre-purchased gun
  6. Lock on to Aramusha with R1/Right Bumper and hold down Circle/B to shoot him
  7. Keep these buttons held down and DO NOT MOVE
  8. After a while, (and the boss is at critically low health) if your teammates are down, revive them from the ledge, then finish off the boss and the chunk of EXP is yours!

Stand about here and shoot ’till he drops!

Sadly, Aramusha does not drop any super rare items (that we have seen) but make sure that you make the most of that sweet amount of EXP. Rest at a hotel with a big multiplier and expect to jump up a fair amount of levels.

Please note that this may make the start of the game a little easier than intended so players who fancy taking on the boss for the challenge later may want to give this strategy a miss.

We are all enjoying Final Fantasy XV and cannot wait to dive in deeper. Have any of you found any cool exploits like this? Or perhaps any more tips and tricks that newer players could use? Let us know in the comments below.