Game Industry Legend Shigeru Miyamoto Turns 64 Today

Many happy returns to one of the most infamous and influential people in the gaming industry today; Shigeru Miyamoto! The game maker is celebrating his 64th birthday today after joining Nintendo 39 years ago and bringing us some of the most popular and timeless games and characters in the industry today; most notably the Mario and Legend of Zelda series.

Being honest, you wouldn’t think the man is 64 with the way he is still so active and present with game development at Nintendo. It is an aspect of Miyamoto that has to be admired. Even after over forty years of making games, he still has a passion and dedication to the craft that other developers can only dream to have.

From all of us at VideoGamesUncovered, have a very happy birthday Mr Miyamoto. May you grace us with many more fantastic games for years to come.