Overwatch Free Weekend Begins November 18th

Blizzard is giving anyone who may not have picked up Overwatch a chance to play the full game for absolutely free. From November 18th to the 21st you can download Overwatch on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC and get access to Overwatch’s full roster of 22 heroes, 13 maps and all of the extra game modes the tile offers. You can even start leveling up and open some loot crates to get some spiffy new pieces of kit for your favorite heroes.

And don’t worry; if you decide to pick up a copy of the game after testing it out for yourself, you can keep all the progress that you made during this free weekend (as long as you sign up with the same account and system you played on). Make sure to try out Overwatch’s newest hero, Sombra, if you can. After the reveal at Blizz-Con, along with many other exciting announcements, everyone is excited to play her. Who wouldn’t want to hack other players?

The free period will start on November 18th at 11am PST and end on November 21st at 4pm PST exactly in all gameplay regions. 

Overwatch is a fantastic addition to the ever growing market of competitive FPS games and is well worth your time if you are a Blizzard fan or an FPS fan. We enjoyed it a lot and still do to this day; so get ready to start your watch because the world always needs more heroes.

For more information or any pressing questions you can check out Blizzards blog post and FAQ. Also, if you want to keep an eye on this event check out the Overwatch official forums and Twitter for constant updates.