Tales Launch Trailer Revealed


When a mysterious darkness is released from a forbidden book inside the library that he has inherited in unknown circumstances, a young man named Alfred Walsh must venture into the stories that have become affected by it’s power, assisted by none other than the sorcerer Merlin from the legends of King Arthur. Developed by Ape Marina, a small development team inspired by the works of Sierra and Lucasarts, Tales is a point and click adventure that gives us a whole new way to experience some of the world’s most treasured literature. Along with the many heroes that inhabit the books affected by the malevolent magic, Alfred must rely on his own wits and puzzle solving abilities to ensure that the darkness is vanquished, and the stories reach their intended endings.

Tales will be released on PC on November 14th 2016 through a publishing deal made with indie publisher Screen 7, and will retail with a launch discount for approximately £7.99. If you are interesting in seeing more about the game, be sure to visit the official game page on the Screen 7 website.