‘Take a Closer Look’ at the Latest Resident Evil 7 Teaser

Continuing on their strategy of drip-feeding us info on Resident Evil 7, Capcom have just released yet another short teaser for the upcoming game. So far we have seen basic combat, a save function, puzzle solving and a glimpse into how to heal your character.

Introduced to us this time is a mechanic that has been largely missing from the series since the days of Resident Evil 0 and Code Veronica X. When selecting and item from your inventory, it can inspected. This allows the player to take a closer look at the object and manipulate in certain ways. In previous Resident Evil games this has lead to puzzles in which keys are inside books or a locking mechanism is found on the bottom of a jewelry box.

This seems like yet more indication that the series is really going back to it roots, giving fans what they’ve been asking for since the franchise took a nosedive into the cover based shooting antics of Resident Evil 6.