Latest Resident Evil 7 Teasers: “Survival” and “Immortal”

Today Capcom have continued their streak of teasing fans by releasing two new teasers for Resident Evil 7. Much like previous teasers we get a good glimpse of the game’s stunning graphics and little snippets of the gameplay. Offered up to us is this time are “Volume 5. Survival” and “Volume 6. Immortal” which thus far have show us what the actual game will be like.

In Volume 5, we see the player character injured and seeking medical aid. In true Resident Evil fashion they stumble upon a green herb and combine it with some form of chemical to create a healing item. We also get a glimpse of what can only be assumed to be the games health meter, in the form of a smart watch worn by the player character.

The second and definitely most exciting teaser, shows the thing we’ve wanted to see for a while now. The combat. After teasing them in the demo, guns finally make an appearance, but one gets the impression that they will be of little use kn the long run. I’ll say little else and that you should just go ahead and watch it. You’ll soon see why I’m so excited for this release.