Candy Crush is Getting a Game Show in the US

Candy Crush creators, King have teamed up with CBS to deliver the first ever Candy Crush game show which will launch in the US.

With the recent success of over 2000 levels in Candy Crush and together with its sister title, Candy Crush Soda Saga in the top 10 grossing games on both app stores for iOS and Android. It is no guess as to why the move to a game show was on the cards backed up by over 400 million active players, .

“The Candy Crush franchise has been loved by players around the world on mobile so it’s very exciting to be working with Matt and the team to bring the fun and challenge of the Candy Crush games to television. We hope our players will be entertained by what is set to be a high-energy, challenging game show,”

– Sebastian Knutsson, Chief Creative Officer, King

The real world game will see two teams use their brains to compete on giant interactive game boards with the “latest technology” to conquer Candy Crush and be awarded the the Candy Crown. If you are wondering who will host such a show then you’ll need to wait a little longer as the host is being announced at a later date (probably after they have chosen them). We don’t yet know if the characters from the actual game will appear in the show in anyway, but we do except the theme to be in-line with the mobile title.

Candy Crush the game show is yet to have an official release date, so that is just one more thing you’ll have to come back for once we have it. Keep swiping.