Nintendo To Reveal NX Console Later Today

After it was initially teased back in 2015, Nintendo’s latest console has been the subject of many discussions in the gaming community. Some of these have included the possibility of a portable and home console hybrid with detachable controllers, or that the games for the Nintendo NX will come on cartridges similar to the Nintendo 3DS. The drought of news surrounding the new console is now about to come to an end, as Nintendo of America have taken to Twitter in the last twenty four hours to announce a special preview trailer for the console. Currently, the video is set to be released at 10am ET, which translates to 3pm GMT. According to Nintendo of Japan, it will last for around three minutes, but have not revealed precisely what information will be shown alongside their new product. Rest assured, we will provide an embedded link as soon as the trailer becomes available, along with all the information that has been announced about Nintendo’s mystery NX console.

The Nintendo NX is currently scheduled to be released worldwide in March 2017 and you can watch the reveal on the Nintendo website. What do you imagine that the new console will be like, and what launch titles are you hoping to see? Let us know what you think in the comments below.