Faeria 0.9 Update is Now Live Before Leaving Early Access

The last update before Faeria leaves Early Access in a couple months time has gone live. Update 0.9 embeds more social features into the game allows friends to spectate other friends matches as well as introducing communicating via emotes.

More of the update contains new Battle Chests in the shop which replace the Booster Packs and now give players the chance to reroll the rarest card awarded to try and get another. The entire shop has also been overhauled with a bigger range of purchasable cosmetic items. On top of the shop and item updates, the single player has been looked at and is being expanded with 15 new challeneges with the option for players to replay their favorite puzzles and quests.


Finally, player progression has been rewired and a new infinite level system removes the previous level 30 cap so that new rewards can be granted each time the player levels up. Daily quests have also tweaked making them easier to complete with their requirements being lower across the board. Along with the bigger changes, smaller tweaks and fixes have been made for balance, performance and animation improvements.

Faeria recently went free-to-play and you can get the game today by signing up over on the Faeria website or by downloading the game via Steam.