Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Coming Out Next Week

Pokemon Sun and Moon

If you are getting excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon, the latest entries in the series which will arrive on Nintendo 3DS next month, Nintendo will be releasing a playable demo on October 18th to wet your appetite for your next Pokemon adventure. The Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version will be similar to the early version of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as it will unlock bonuses in the full game once completed. Fans of the animated series will recognise the Pokemon that will be given to anyone who clears the prologue, as it is the Greninja that belongs to none other than Ash Ketchum. On top of this, it will be able to change into the Ash-Greninja form shown in the most recent episodes of the show.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on November 23rd 2016 for Nintendo 3DS, both on the Nintendo eShop and at retail stores for £39.99. If you are interesting in seeing more about this special early preview and to register your interest for more information about the two new games when it becomes available, be sure to visit the official demo page on the Nintendo website, or visit the Nintendo eShop.