Escape From Tarkov – Gritty, Open-World Survival

Escape From Tarkov is an upcoming first/third-person RPG with MMO features. It’s a hardcore take on the survival genre with a strong emphasis on multiplayer interaction. This forces players to either work together or crumble in peril due to the ongoing conflict in the city of Tarkov. Reverting from the ever-growing post-apocalyptic genre, this title is set in the middle of a huge dispute between military and government groups. This has resulted in the whole district becoming abandoned and derelict, ripe with bandits and rebels alike.

You are a surviving mercenary who has to choose between one of the two groups; “USEC” or “BEAR”. Through that decision will be your play-style. Will you help reinstate justice and civilisation, or revel in the new-found anarchy? There will be a full open world with NPCs and a story driven narrative. A big focus is the “PvP” combat. There is a raw and brutally realistic edge to this shooter as factors like hydration, blood loss and contusion determine your chances of survival.

Escape from Tarkov gun

There is also an extensive inventory system, so you can efficiently store all of your looted weapons and supplies, as well as rearrange your gear. The weapon modification system is also very complex which adds a touch of personalisation to the table.

At the moment, Escape From Tarkov is a PC exclusive and will be distributed digitally on release. There are no plans as-of-yet to bring this title to consoles. Hopefully this game will deliver its promises of a realistic and immersive open world, rich with detail and great mechanics – as seen in the pre-alpha trailer below.