SEGA Gives Praise To Fan Game Developers

Fan game development has always been an activity that the games industry treats with kid gloves. While the law may technically be on the side of the developers who own the rights to the original content, there are some companies such as SEGA that allow it to slide, as long as no profit is being made from the game. Earlier this month, Nintendo were quick to issue takedown orders to Pokemon Uranium Version and the remake of Metroid 2, as well as hundreds of games from the flash game website GameJolt. This comes as no surprise, as Nintendo are one of the few companies to actively enforce DMCA orders their copyrighted material on a regular basis.

In a completely different turn of events, a video on the Game Grumps YouTube channel featuring Green Hill Paradise Act 2, a newly released Sonic fan game made in Unreal Engine 4 received an official comment from SEGA’s social media team. They made a joking reference to a possible DMCA takedown, and then praised the development team for their efforts, and encouraged fans to make more content. To see the comment for yourself and to check out one of the best made Sonic fan games in years, be sure to visit the video in question, titled Sonic Fan Game – Steam Train.

Should more developers continue to praise the development of fan games based on their intellectual property, as long as they do not damage the reputation or spirit of the franchise? Let us know what you think in the comments below.