Fallout 4 Nuka-World Tip: Where to Find the Power Plant Key

Fallout 4’s Nuka-World DLC is the last of the six different DLC packages to come out for the game. In Nuka-World as you walk around you’ll will start to notice that most of the power in the park and various zones is turned off. This stops you from being able to use the workshop in the Red Rocket Settlement and build your own slice of entertainment in the park.

How to restore power to Nuka World

Knowing how to turn on the power in Nuka-World can be done in two different ways and you don’t need the power plant key. The good guy way or the bad guy way.

Being the good guy…

Going down the good route means turning on the three gangs in Nuka World and killing all the raiders. By starting the mission “Open Season” which is given to you by Mackinzie Bridgeman in Nuka Town USA you will be quested to kill the three leaders of the gangs. Once completed, you’ll be pointed towards the Nuka-World Power Plant on the west side of the map, climbing to the top of the Power Plant and you’ll find a security cage and inside all you’ll need to do is hit the big red button.

TA-DA! The park will come to life and you can head to the North East Area of the map to use the workstation in the Red Rocket Settlement.

Being the bad guy..

If you want to become the king of the raiders then you must talk to Shank and start the mission “The Grand Tour” which tasks you with reclaiming the different zones around the map and assigning  any of the three gangs to the areas. Once you have assigned the last zone, one of the gangs will turn on you and lock themselves away in the in the Nuka-World Power Plant and you’ll have to go play some retribution for turning on you.

Once you get inside the Power Plant just work you way up through it, taking out any Raiders you see along the way. When you get to the top you’ll see the security gate and you’ll be able to push the big red button.

Magical! Watch Nuka-World power up and come to live right before you eyes. Now you should be able to use things in the park that require power like the workstation.

Now you have the power back on, tell us your best bits about Fallout 4’s last DLC Nuka-World.