Buy Pokemon Sun & Moon Early And Get Munchlax Evolving Snorlax

Details about early adopters of Pokemon Sun and Moon will get a bonus Pokemon, a Munchlax, that will evolve into a ‘Pulverizing Snorlax’ but only if you buy the game before Wednesday 17th January 2017.

The early purchase bonus for the Munchlax will be sent via internet connection to players of buy the game before the 17th January and will be holiding a special item called Snorlium Z. Evolving Muchlax into a Snorlax while holding Snorlium Z will give it access to use a special Z-Move that can not be used by any other Pokemon, Pulverizing Pancake.

The Munchlax will also know the move Hold Back which can not normally be learnt by it and is a move that leaves the opponent with just 1 HP, making it far easier to capture wild Pokemon with no risk of it fainting.

Last of all, the Munchlax will also know the move Happy Hour which is another move it can not normally learn and when players use Happy Hour during a Trainer battle they will receive twice as much reward money from winning the fight.

Watch the trailer below for more on the Munchlax as well as the recent announcement of an alternative form of Rattata, Alolan Rattata.