Eve Online is Going Free to Play After 13 Years

Popular Space MMO Eve Online is bringing in a free to play model after being purely subscription based for 13 years.

For the first time users will be able to download and join in on the space exploration, mining, trading and pirating for the first time in the hope from the developers it will attract new blood to the franchise.

Eve Online has been known for its large scale battles which can result in real world money loses with one of few MMOs that allow real money trading and community based rules. One of the biggest known space battles saw losses of more than $300,000 in ships being damaged and destroyed.

Previous trials for new players to try out the game allowed them to take part in a 14 day test before having to pay for a monthly subscription.

Developers from Eve Online have said,

“With the interconnected nature of the game comes vulnerability.¬†We knew that if the floodgates were opened in the wrong way, we could see anything from server meltdowns to the collapse of the Eve economy.”

The update to Eve Online which allows players to play for free with some restrictions up to level 20 like World of Warcraft will arrive in November.