Don’t Disturb Puzzle Adventure Comes to Steam Soon

Don’t Disturb, a puzzle adventure game which explores traditional Asian views on the afterlife and the underworld recently made Steam Greenlight and will be available to purchase through Steam soon, PQube the publishers announce.

Don’t Disturb makes you take on the role of a dog who is looking for its owner who has passed away. As the dog you will need to solve many puzzles and make it through different encounters to the Bridge of Helplessness. On the way you will be tasked to make decisions which will determine how the game ends.

Don't Disturb 2

PQube and the developers have mentioned that they would like to say thank you to all those that backed the title on Steam and voted yes. We look forward to seeing how this 2D puzzle does at telling the story of death, the afterlife and the loyalty of man’s best friend.