5 Tips For Getting Started In No Man’s Sky

After years of anticipation No Man’s Sky has finally touched down and into gamers hands and consoles. As you first load up the game you’ll find yourself in a vast universe. Take your time and use these tips to help you get the best start.

1. Loot the crash site

Although it’s tempting to run around and explore the beautiful universe around you, first make the most of what’s immediately at hand. You need to find materials to repair and refuel your ship. Take a look in containers and see how the environment itself can help you out. To collect just point you MultiTool and shoot.

No Man's Sky_20160808133521

2. Use your Jetpack

You can get to almost anywhere with your jetpack! By pushing off objects you could “jetpack forever” according to HelloGames. To get a bit more propulsion you can swing your melee weapon just before you use your jetpack.

3. Interact with all the knowledge stones

A unique part of No Man’s Sky is that the aliens don’t speak your language or you theirs. In order to understand the aliens keep on interacting with them and used what’s around you. Knowledge stones and monoliths are scattered throughout the galaxy where they will teach you alien words which really helps when you are trying to find out what a creature is in need of or when you are exploring their territory.


4. Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!

It may seem obvious but one on the most important things to do is to upgrade your suit, ship and tool. They all have a limited amount of slots and each upgrade will take one up. If you come across a ship with a bigger inventory, it’s worth fixing it up. Alternatively you can save up all your units and see if one of the larger ship owners will sell to you.

5. Keep an eye on your elements

You need elements to run most of your weaponry, suits and your ship in No Man’s Sky, mine as much as you can while you’re on the ground but make sure not to use all the isotopes in your MultiTool. Asteroids are perfect for mining: they are full of elements like Nickel, Copper, Iridium, Aluminium and even more to run your life support systems.

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