Ape Escape 2 Now Available For PS4

It’s time to grab your monkey catching gadgets and head out into the world, as Ape Escape 2, the second entry in one of the most popular series from the PlayStation back catalogue has arrived on PlayStation 4. The high definition port of this 2003 PlayStation 2 platformer was originally revealed to be coming out last year, alongside several other PS2 Classics which are exclusively playable on PlayStation 4. Like the other games that have been converted to Sony’s current home console, Ape Escape 2 now features 1080p graphics, a 60hz refresh rate, trophy support and the ability to play on the PlayStation Vita and other compatible devices via Share Play.

For the first week, PlayStation Plus subscribers can buy the game for £5.99, after which it will return to the regular price of £7.99. To see how Sony’s classic platformer plays on PlayStation 4, be sure to check out the trailer below, then visit the PlayStation Store to catch a copy for yourself.

Will you be helping Hikaru re-capture all the monkeys that have escaped? Let us know what you think in the comments below.