Pokemon GO is Officially Released in the UK on iOS & Android

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has officially made its way to the iOS and Googe Play App Store today in the UK. The augmented reality mobile game lets players become real life trainers, exploring their surroundings and attempting to capture Pokemon.

It was released last week in some other territories and that has not stopped people around the world gaining access before the official release in their country like the UK. You can download Pokemon GO today on compatible Android devices and iOS today and get started by reading our top 5 tips for beginner trainer in Pokemon GO.

Before you start and choose your “starter” Pokemon, there is a way to capture Pikachu as your first starter which you can read. Be careful of your surroundings though as reports from the US suggest that there has been some bad people using Pokemon GO for dishonest things.

With Pokemon GO officially available today on iOS and Android, we look forward to seeing more trainers getting into the Pokemon world.