Shigeru Miyamoto Explains NX Abscence At E3 2016

Since it’s initial announcement in 2015, information about Nintendo’s latest console has been kept to a minimum, except for small teasers given by the company during their Direct presentations such as the March 2017 release date. It was expected that a full reveal would be made concerning the NX platform at E3 2016, but was later confirmed to be absent alongside the delay of the new Legend of Zelda, which is now known as Breath of the Wild and has been confirmed as a launch title for the new platform.

In an interview given by Associated Press earlier late last month, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the reason why the NX was absent at E3 was because of a “idea” that the company did not want to be copied before they had the chance to show it to the gaming public. Although it is slightly mysterious, previous innovations by the company have proven to be successful, such as motion controls pioneered by the simplicity of the Wii Remote, and the second screen gameplay that was made popular by the Nintendo DS.

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