VGU Podcast Episode 4 – Goldberg, Scorpio & The Quiz

Welcome to Episode 4 of the VGU Podcast. Apologies for the delay with this episode as we had technical issues and family problems to overcome. With that stuff sorted now, we move on to discuss more gaming news and experiences this week.

Dom & Ian have been enjoying their time in Overwatch whilst Will has been trying out Battleborn again and witnessing the shockingly low stats on the steam market place. The lads also discuss some pre-E3 rumours, news about the Xbox Scorpio and try out a mini quiz to test their trivia.

Enjoy this instalment of the Podcast and let us know what you think in the comments below. Be sure to also leave  questions for us as we can address them on the next Podcast.


Dom Coles – @TheXploder

Ian Stokes – @IanVanCheese

Will Fidler – @Will_Art_Thou