XCOM 2 Deploys Onto Xbox One and PS4 September 9th

Good news Commander. In an announcement that many console XCOM fans were hoping for, Firaxis and 2K have revealed that XCOM 2 will be coming to consoles on the 9th of September. The PC version of XCOM 2 gained critical acclaim on launch and even though Firaxis originally stated that XCOM 2 would be a PC-only title due to the studio’s desire for greater mod support and a better UI, it’s great to see that this installment is coming to home consoles.

Suspicions were somewhat peaked when XCOM 2 was announced to have Steam Controller support on launch, suggesting that the team were experimenting with console control schemes right back in February when the game released on PC. Whether mod support will carry over to consoles is still up in the air, but based on Bethesda’s current initiative to get sanctioned Fallout 4 mods working on consoles, it is not out of the realms of possibility to see mods on console. XCOM: Enemy Unknown did control great on consoles so hopefully, with Firaxis’ partnership with The Workshop to bring XCOM 2 to console, this sequel will be as enjoyable as the original.

Check out the announcement trailer below and expect some gameplay and additional news from E3 next week.