Anno 2205 Big Five Pack DLC Is Free For All Players

If you are playing Anno 2205 and are looking for more content then Ubisoft have just made your day. Currently the ‘Big Five Pack’ is free for all players and includes new features, updates and ornaments.

One of the new features Economic Warfare brings to the game the ability to enter the stock market and compete with the Big Five for shares, influence and industrial control. By competing with the Big Five you can gain special rewards and powerful buffs. On top of Economic Warfare, a new resource is introduced in the Big Five Pack called influence. In the stock market players can buy other companies shares and using Espionage, players can gather information and unlock special auctions.

Sector effects are new for Anno 2205 Big Five Pack which are permanent effects both positive and negative which will affect the entire region, unlike the Calamities which can be removed by completing a counter measure quest.

The Big Five Pack is available free today for all players and comes in preparation of the new Anno 2205 Orbit DLC which is available from July 20th. Anno 2205 Orbit DLC will be available standalone or part of the Anno 2205 Season Pass.