More Nintendo Select Titles Headed To Nintendo 3DS

Last October, the first set of Nintendo Selects, a range of previously produced titles that have been given a permanent price reduction, were released for the Nintendo 3DS. These included the portable Zelda powerhouse that was A Link Between Worlds and the land hopping multiplayer experiences of Mario Party Island Tour. Earlier this week, Nintendo have announced that five new games will be joining the Nintendo Selects catalogue, and that they will be released on June 24th 2016.

First out of the gate is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, the portable remake of the Nintendo 64 classic with enhanced graphics and gyroscopic controls. Next up is Paper Mario Sticker Star, the first portable entry in the Paper Mario series which focuses on using magical stickers to restore balance to the world. If you are in the mood for a makeover, then Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique is just what you need to sate your passion for selling virtual fashion.

If you were pleased to see LEGO City Undercover arrive in the Nintendo Selects for Wii U, you will be pleased to learn that the portable prequel LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins will also be receiving a price reduction. Many of the unique gameplay mechanics shown in the Wii U version are present, along with all new mission types exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. The final game to arrive this time around is Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., the Nintendo 3DS debut of the critically acclaimed Mario & Luigi RPG series by Intelligent Systems, in which Mario must enter his brother Luigi’s dream world to save Princess Peach.

Just like the first set of portable Select titles, all five games will now retail for £15.99, both in physical retailers,and in digital form on the Nintendo eShop. Will you be buying any of these Nintendo 3DS titles when they receive a price reduction next month? Let us know what you think in the comments below.