Pokemon Sun And Moon Starter Pokemon And Release Date Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Moon

One of the vital components of any Pokémon game are the new creatures that you meet along your journey. Earlier today, Nintendo and Game Freak released a new trailer, which revealed the release date of the game, as well as the all new Alola region which makes it debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon. howed off the new Starter Pokémon and the Legendary Pokémon that will be the main focus of each version. The three new Pokémon follow the usual Grass, Fire and Water formula, but the Legendary types are currently unknown.

The first new creature to be revealed was the Grass/Flying type Rowlet, who is an owl like Pokemon. Next was the turn of Fire type Litten, who resembles a cat. Finally we met the Water type Popplio, who is shaped like a sea lion. The two new Legendaries have not been named, but recent trademarks by Nintendo suggest they could be named Solgaleo and Lunaala. If you are intrigued by these new announcements, then you will be pleased to learn that Pokemon Sun and Moon will arrive on Nintendo 3DS in the UK on November 23rd 2016.

To see this new creatures in action, as well as the first gameplay footage of Pokemon Sun and Moon, be sure to check out the trailer below.

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