Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Comes to PS4 May 10th

In a post over on the official PlayStation blog, Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis has finally announced that the Binding of Isaac Afterbirth will be delivered onto the PS4 next Tuesday. Afterbirth has been a long time coming for consoles, being initially released on PC at the tail end of October last year, with various delays knocking the console version all the way back to its current May release. Luckily, it’s now coming to PS4, with Wii U and Xbox One versions coming very soon, with Afterbirth+ promised for all consoles shortly after the PC release later this year.

The major qualm from this announcement is that Vita owners of the Binding of Isaac are seemingly being left out yet again, with a Vita version of Afterbirth not being included as part of the release schedule for this DLC. Rebirth didn’t exactly run well on the Vita to begin with though, with certain visual effects having to be turned off to make it run on the handheld, as well as extended load times when going between floors and fighting bosses, making not the greatest experience to play. With the 100+ items, larger rooms and new item synergies with Afterbirth, a Vita version has probably been skipped over as it cannot run at a stable rate. We’ll probably here more in the near future but Vita owners will probably have to play on PC or console if they want to play Afterbirth.