Dangerous Golf Teeing Off on June 3rd

Three Fields Entertainment have finally released some more information on their destructive arcade golf game, creatively titled Dangerous Golf. Swapping the links for kitchens, castles and petrol stations, Dangerous Golf has players causing as much havoc as possible within set areas, fulfilling tasks like smashing all the wine glasses in a banqueting hall or racking up the most property damage as possible before knocking your ball into the hole and looking out upon the path of destruction you’ve just caused. There will be 10 different Tours in the full game, with around 100 different holes with a variety of mechanics to play around with as you destroy anything that comes in the way of your golf ball.

Dangerous Golf can be played via 2 player co-op in World Tour mode, or by up to 8 players both locally and via online. These score attack modes will have golfers competing to smash and destroy as much as they can, with players swapping the controller each time when playing in the same room. The four locations you destroy are a castle in England, a palace in France, a kitchen in the USA and a petrol station located in the Australian outback. Expect some mind blowing replays from each location as players try to be the most destructive golfer that has ever lived.

Dangerous Golf launches digitally on PS4, PC and Xbox One on June 3rd.