Actor Leaks New Protagonist for Watch Dogs 2

You’d think a game series about hacking and privacy would know a thing or two about not leaking information. Well, apparently not, as actor Cort King confirmed via his Instagram that he will be playing the new protagonist for Watch Dogs 2. His Instagram has since been made private but NerdLeaks was able to quickly snag a picture of the character and share it via social media.

The character design is underwhelming to say the least, switching from a guy with an ‘iconic’ cap and trenchcoat to a guy also wearing a cap, but this time wearing hipster glasses and a messenger bag to make him seem down with the kids. I mean, this new hero is not exactly a giant leap for Watch Dogs but seeing as Aiden Pearce was the absolute most generic white guy protagonist in recent memory, a bit of rag on a stick holding a smartphone would have been a giant leap forward in representation.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to release sometime before April of next year so expect more information on this sequel at E3.